SWS ”SPF 50” 100 ML


The highest protection against UVA and UVB

Sun with Sense

  • In-vitro SPF 50.
  • Vegan formula without (ethyl) alcohol (1).
  • With soothing components, such as Bisabolol and 100% natural Vitamin E.

Skin type
All skin types, also for children and people with (sun)sensitive skin.

Directions for use Train your skin and that of your child, apply Sun with Sense “SPF 50” and go into the sun very shortly. Later, when your skin is tanned a little, you can expose your skin to the sun a little longer, but never longer than one hour a day to direct sun.

Burnt skin won’t tan, better don’t let it come that far. Avoid the sun’s brightest rays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. because then the UV radiation is most intensive and in that period you also tan in the shade. After swimming, dry off immediately, because water droplets act as a burning glass and reapply Sun with Sense “SPF 50”. Furthermore, make use of protective clothing, such as sun hat and T-shirt, especially with babies and younger children.

Whenever the skin might come in contact with sun (even during walking and shopping), first apply Sun with Sense. You will longer retain a nice tan and care if you treat your skin with Sun with Sense AFTER SUN every evening after tanning.

Description (1) With ”Sun with Sense SPF 50” you have the highest protection against UVA and UVB. Therefore, it is a good choice for children and people with (sun)sensitive skin, especially when exposure to the sun is highest: at the beach, in tropical conditions, in the mountains. ”Sun with Sense SPF 50” is a wonderful vegan cream, without Alcohol (ethyl alcohol).

The in-vitro-SPF of this product is 50. This high protection factor and water-resistant formula allow you to enjoy the sun and sea for a longer period of time. PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain the ”factor 50”, you should always apply it again, especially after swimming and drying off the skin.


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