Nano Shiso Hair Mask – Hiusnaamio 100g


THANN Hair Mask
with Ceramide Protein and natural plant extracts
repairs and strengthens damaged hair from roots to tips. Also help to protect hair against chemical and
drying effects of the sun. The product contains Nano Shiso Extract which provides benefits as natural
anti-oxidant and moisturizer. Wheat Protein and Jojoba Oil smooth hair cuticles leaving hair shiny and
Shiso Collection, Shiso (Perilla Frutescences (L.) britton var.crispa Makino.) originated from central part
of China. Shiso leaf extract contains various substances including Rosemarinic acid, Linoleic acid,
Glycoproteins, I-perillaldehyde and Phenol Compound. When used as ingredient in hair and skin care
products, these natural substances provide benefits as moisturizer and help protecting the skin from
premature aging due to harmful environments.
DIRECTIONS : After shampoo, apply on hair from roots to tips and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse
thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, rinse well with clean water.

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