Masque Myrrha 50ml – Intensiivinen aromaattinen palautuva naamio


Intensiivinen aromaattinen palautuva naamio. 

Gives a new impulse to the recovery of the skin!

  • An exceptional combination of myrrh and Quercus-Meristem[1].
  • Enriched with aromatic oils Ylang Ylang & Geranium.

Skin type
For all skin types. Including very fragile skin.

Directions for use
Apply the mask twice a week onto the face, preferably in combination with Avostem Eye Mask, and allow Masque Myrrha to settle for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask using moistened sponges with ”Aqua Rosa ”..

[1]The natural Myrrh is already mentioned in the Old Testament for its power. Through modern techniques of extracting and preservation, Masqua Myrrha is the most luxurious and expensive mask of the whole series; results will show that this is completely justified. The woman who can allow herself – and afford it too – will enjoy the luxury of “Masque Myrrha”.

This intensive mask contains a combination of Myrrh and Quercus-Meristem. The working of Myrrh in this aromatic mask is various. It has a recovering effect to the skin; it is also an antisepticum and a tonicum. The combination of Myrrh and Quercus-Meristem, which has an anti-oxidant effect, gives skin recovery a new impulse. The aromatic oils, Ylang Ylang and Geranium, take care of recovery in the balance of sebum production and do have a relaxing effect.


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